Peugeot Traveller, where the trip starts.

Practical, functional and elegant, the Peugeot Traveller meets the need for mobility of families or professionals (private transport, taxis) tasked with transporting a disabled person.

Thanks to the Fiorella lift, access to the vehicle is practical and safe.

The F-Twister swivel base rotates to allow access to the vehicle and facilitate operations to secure the wheelchair user.
Fiorella has a load capacity of 360 kg and a lift platform with 1030 x 714 mm of available space. This lift integrates seamlessly into the compartment thanks to its compact size and ability to combine functionality, style andaesthetics.

Owing to our technical and design skills, we are able to produce adaptations and components in thermoformed ABS that perfectly adhere to the aesthetic and quality standards of the auto manufacturers we work with. One example is the kit for installation of the control panel and pump for manual movement.

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