We are the reference point in the design and vehicles transformation
Design capability, craftsmanship expertise, industrial vision
People are the engine of our success.
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Focaccia Group is a leader in the design, development, and production of components and  car fittings, motorcycles, and vehicles for people transportation.

For over 70 years, our solutions have been making the work and daily life of those who use them easier.


Technical and conceptual expertise, craftsmanship, and industrial vision are the tools we employ to meet the needs of individuals and businesses, ensuring safety and comfort.

We believe it is possible to achieve the impossible, and we face challenges with our eyes always focused on the future.


“Transforming ideas into products” for us becomes a more ambitious project: it is the specific need of each individual customer that dictates a “custom designed” response, capable of offering a guaranteed service over time, supported by the reliability of a project in which aesthetics and functionality coexist.



Vehicles for people with disabilities

Cervia, Ravenna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy: the ancient city hall built on 1712 in the main square of the town on the Adriatic sea coast

Medical vehicles

foto fronte express pick up

Vehicles for professional use

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