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Special financing solutions for the purchase of your new vehicle.
Choose the right vehicle for you and pay in instalments. The loan to cover the purchase allows you to plan expenses and defer payment: with this type of financing you can decide the amount best for you and manage monthly payments with this type of financing you can decide the amount best for you and manage monthly payments.


One financing solution, many advantages
Vehicle leasing is a financing method that lasts for a fixed period of time. It permits the lessee to utilise the vehicle by paying a monthly amount for an agreed number of kilometres per year or with respect to the total.

Who can access it?

  • Companies
  • VAT holders

What are the characteristics of a vehicle lease?
A vehicle lease combines the competitiveness of rental fees with the certainty of operating costs and the possibility of tax benefits. On average, a lease agreement has a duration of three or four years but to have access to tax benefits the minimum duration is 2 years. Annual lease agreement costs are 100% deductible if the vehicle is a capital good used only for the business activity. If the vehicle is used for both work and leisure purposes, you can deduct up to 20%, but not over the threshold of €18.075,99.

Who is the owner of the leased vehicle?
Entering a lease agreement does not mean purchasing the vehicle – the owner is the finance company – but you can use it as if it were yours.

How is a vehicle lease agreement terminated?
At the end of the lease agreement, you can decide whether to:
• interrupt the relationship with the leasing company;
• renew the agreement, choosing a new contract for a new vehicle;
• or purchase the vehicle by paying the residual value and become the owner.


A valid alternative
Long-term rental is an alternative formula to vehicle ownership and leasing It is a suitable option for individuals, professionals and companies.

• Our offers, with or without a deposit, on multibrand vehicles and conversions meet
all your mobility needs.
• Long-term rental finances the purchase without restrictions on the make, model and conversion.
• The car is at your disposal, services included, through the expiration of the agreement, and guarantees you complete safety, free from the worry of its depreciation or operating management.
• You avoid management expenses, such as those referred to the auto tax or the resale of the vehicle.
• At the end of the lease agreement, you have the option of returning the vehicle and replacing it with a new rented one so that you’re always sure to have a new and efficient car.


Tailored security
Maintenance packages are a service for private individuals, companies, dealerships, leasing companies and associations that purchase one of our converted vehicles. Our Service meets every possible need for the maintenance of the conversion.
Packages have a variable duration, from 1 to 5 years and are available in two types and can be purchased immediately or within the first year of the registration date.


  • Check of mechanical components
  • Check of mechanical components
  • Check of electrical system
  • Lubrication of mechanical components for correct and fluid movement
  • Check of safety devices

Includes checks in the BASIC package plus:

  • Special maintenance in case of failures of mechanical and electronic components of the conversion;
  • Repairs of failures and malfunctions due to wear as a result of the normal use of the vehicle.


What is IdentiCar for?

Your standard service: unique, like your car.
IdentiCar is an intelligent system for identifying vehicles thanks to an indelible mark of the license number or chassis on the windows. IdentiCar is a strong deterrent to auto theft because it makes it costly and risky to place an identified vehicle on the illegal market.

Mini Kasko

One-time insurance
Minicollision is insurance applied to a single accident. It compensates material damage to the insured vehicle for an amount up to € 1,500.00 resulting from a collision.

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