Elegant and rened, Mercedes V-Class with Fiorella Slim Fit Lift offers an enhanced travel experience for all passengers

The combination of Fiorella Slim Fit and V-Class provides wheelchair users with the highest level of freedom and independence. When the person with a disability travels with the family as a passenger, the V-Class is an ideal vehicle. Additionally, this car possesses excellent self-driving capabilities when driven by an individual in a wheelchair.

Fiorella Slim Fit provides safe and comfortable access to the passenger compartment. As a product designed and developed for people, Slim Fit is characterised by the careful attention paid to its lines and the intuitiveness of its functions. Together with the V-Class safety and driver assistance systems, it ensures a comfortable and relaxing journey.

Fiorella Slim Fit can be installed on the rear compartment of the V-Class. Thanks to its innovative swivel base F-Twister, Fiorella allows free access at all times to the vehicle and facilitates operations to anchor and secure the passenger in the wheelchair. Additionally, its elegant design and captivating lines are harmoniously integrated with the refined interiors of the V-Class.

Mercedes V-Class offers extreme flexibility in seating arrangement, thanks to its removable seats that slide on guides.

Available in three wheelbases (Compact, Long and Extra Long), it can accommodate up to a maximum of two wheelchair users and another four passengers.

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