Lowered floor conversion
The new Renault Kangoo WAV with lowered floor and ramp ensures seamless accessibility, a comfortable area for the wheelchair user and is ideal for families and associations that need a vehicle of this type with the assurance of safety and practicality.
Our conversion has achieved European type-approval certification.


NON-SLIP RAMP is lightweight, safe and eases access to vehicle. It can be stored under the frame when not in use. This practical and discrete solution is intended to provide more space for the disabled person, assuring them a comfortable ride along with the other passengers.


The many combinations offer the opportunity to create seating configurations according to need with availability of a version with 3 seats + 1 wheelchair, 4 seats + 1 wheelchair, or 5 seats. The new single seats installed in the second row are upholstered in fabric and can be removed or flipped down to create additional space.


A range of accessories include the housing for storing tie-downs and the handle that facilitates access and exit manoeuvres of the passenger with disabilities..
The 4-point floor anchoring and the 3-point seat belt guarantee total safety during travel and compliance with current standards. Another possibility is the addition of the F-Winch, which gently accompanies the wheelchair on the ramp with no effort on the part of the caregiver.

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