Volkswagen Multivan can be fitted with Fiorella Slim Fit, the single-arm lift designed and manufactured by Focaccia Group. Effective design, ergonomics and easy operation are the features that make Fiorella the ideal solution for transporting disabled people in wheelchairs.
Designed specially for people, the Fiorella lift guarantees the highest reliability and safety during both lifting and transport With a contemporary and refined style, it seamlessly blends with the Multivan interiors.

The swivel base enables rotation of the lift to make room for easy entry into the vehicle. Practical for families and professionals offering taxi and private transport services, this accessory makes loading suitcases and other items into the car that much easier. That’s not all! F-Twister allows anchoring of the wheelchair and securing of the passenger outside the vehicle, steps completed quickly and with ease for both the passenger and caregiver.

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