Toyota Proace Verso with lowered floor provides easy access of wheelchair users. Entering and exiting the vehicle is made simple thanks to the handy manual ramp, while the lowered floor creates the height space required to accommodate the person in a wheelchair.
Thanks to the Genius Ramp system, the ramp folds inside to regain floor space when the disabled person is not present.
Safety of the wheelchair passenger is guaranteed by the 4-point floor anchoring system and the 3-point seat belt.


The lowered floor conversion is available on the medium and long wheelbase versions. It allows seating of one wheelchair user and up to a maximum of seven other passengers by retaining the original second-row bench seat.

In the last row, there is the option of installing individual swivel seats that fold against the wall. These, along with the Genius Ramp, allow for two extra seats when the wheelchair user is not on board.

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