The new Peugeot Rifter F-Style is the modern and technological MPV from Peugeot, developed on the basis of Rifter with a concept focused on accessibility.
The conversion with kit for lowering the floor, designed and developed in Italy, stands out for detailed, user-friendly design.
This attractive and very practical vehicle is perfect for families and professionals alike.

Our style is instantly recognisable: hi-tech floor, integrated LED lights, interiors in automotive ABS, and new individual seats upholstered in fabric to match the interiors. The exclusive finishings blend with the original elements of the vehicle for a refined and pleasing compartment.

The conversion also includes the space for containing tie downs and a storage compartment for objects.

After a detailed design phase, we patented a mechanism that significantly reduces the weight of the rampto make opening and closing operations fast and easy. The Genius Ramp system enables the ramp to be folded inside the vehicle when the wheelchair user is not present, to allow room for luggage or shopping bags.
The lightweight and versatile ramp makes the vehicle ideal for daily activities and excellent for elderly passengers.

The vehicle can comfortably fit one disabled person and four passengers, which can be three or two if one or both of the seats in the second row are eliminated. A spacious area for the wheelchair offers the highest comfort and naturally integrates the disabled person into the group of passengers.
In the Rifter F-Style version with long wheelbase there is room for five passengers and one disabled person, or seven passengers in total. This latter configuration, paired with the optional Genius Ramp, is recommended for taxi drivers and associations that use the vehicle for a variety of purposes.

This model has received European type-approval certification.
The wheelchair anchoring system complies with European directive 2007/43/EC and the new individual seats are anchored to bases that are type-approved and tested to support impact up to 20 times the force of gravity (20G), a safety guarantee in case of accident.

Rifter F-Style can be equipped with F-Winch, the electric winch that assists wheelchair access to the vehicle, gently and with little effort on the part of the caregiver. The innovative F-Winch can come with ergonomic wired control or F-Remote wireless remote control.

Auto per disabili con rampa

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