FIAT Doblò

Fiat Doblò F-Style One per Trasporto Disabili

Fiat Doblò F-Style One is the wheelchair accessible vehicle built by us for disabled travellers. The F-Style One conversion guarantees comfort and reliability by making the person the focus of the project.
The vehicle has EU type-approval certification and safety test certificates. Its technical features make it especially suited for a family unit, associations or taxi drivers.

The access ramp is lightweight and ergonomic, it assures excellent visibility from the rear window when in resting position.

The wheelchair user enters the compartment and is positioned between the seats in the back row to allow travel alongside the other passengers.

Doblò F-Style One is available in the standard version with a 4+1 configuration, or a 3+1 or 2+1 configuration, which offer even more space for electric wheelchairs or scooters.

For our vehicle conversions, we always add elements that maintain high standardsof quality and aesthetics: LED lights, handrails in metallic paint, hi-tech flooring, spaces for containing tie downs and ample storage compartments. We believe that people with disabilities benefit as much from the functional features of the vehicle as their appearance. Our products always reflect styling precision and thought-out design.

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