Renault Trafic in the long wheelbase version offers space inside the compartment that can fit up to three wheelchair users and four passengers.

The configuration and conversion are designed with people’s daily needs in mind. Total freedom of choice: the wheelchairs can be accompanied with folding seats and removable individual seats. As a result, the model can be set up to transport one or two wheelchair users and four or six passengers.

The wheelchair user conveniently accesses the vehicle using our designed-and-produced Fiorella Slim Fit F360, a product that represents the perfect synthesis of functionality, aesthetics and safety.
Slim Fit can also be installed on the side door. A set of standard accessories, including remote control for moving the lift, intuitive user interface and anti-crush system on the top arm make it easy and practical to use.

Its distinctive style ideally harmonises with the interiors and its features assure safety in every phase of transport.

The innovative F-Twister swivel base allows rotation of the lift to permit a safe exit, and speeds up operations to tie-down and secure the occupant.

The conversion is Easy=Safe: a new concept to encourage users to correctly use the safety devices involved in the transport of disabled persons by simplifying all procedures.

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