Tourneo Connect with lowered floor is a comfortable vehicle suited for transport of disabled people, thanks to a well-designed passenger compartment and unparalleled versatility. The disabled passenger accesses the vehicle using the manual ramp, which is also available in the Genius Ramp version. Two seating configurations are available: either 3+1 or 2+1. The space for positioning the wheelchair is created by flipping the original seat benches on the second row.

The tilting Genius Ramp folds towards the inside of the vehicle to restore the luggage compartment. This feature allows the original floor to be recomposed when the wheelchair user is not on board.

The disabled passenger rides in total comfort: the wheelchair area is spacious, and the anchor systems and 3-point seat belt fully comply with safety standards.

The lowered floor conversion can be equipped with F-Winch, the revolutionary loading winch designed to gently and optimally tow the wheelchair onto the ramp. F-Winch is installed with a control (wired or wireless) that adjusts towing acceleration and speed.

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