Cervia hosts the first Focaccia Group convention with 270 employees from around the world

People are the prime focus of the vision that Focaccia Group, bolstered by the consolidated results in 2023, embraces to face the marketing challenges of the future.

The occasion to stress the concept of teamwork, a core value of our company, was the event “I Feel Group”, the first convention of the group held Thursday and Friday 26-27 October, when over 270 employees and associates from all branches met in Cervia.

The event was a full immersion experience to share values and projects and reiterate the concept that “you can’t win without a team”, especially for a company whose source of pride is fostering a sense of belonging.

“For us, teamwork is the only possible solution to respond to market challenges,” explains Riccardo Focaccia, CEO of Focaccia Group. “We, along with the people who work with us, believe in ourselves each day and are united by the same spirit: to challenge ourselves daily, something that for the last 70 years has been part of our company’s DNA. . The lesson from my father is that there is never an end: once a goal has been achieved, you have to think of the next”.

People attending also heard the speech by Maurizia Cacciatori, who shared her experience in the world of sport. After two intense days, the principle that “you can’t win without a team” was strongly reinforced, with an eye on the future but 100% attention on people, the chief resource of Focaccia Group and the beating heart of a company that year after year reaffirms its role as an Italian excellence in the world.

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