Focaccia Group opens a new chapter in its evolution of growth and consolidation by purchasing the NCT – Nuova Carrozzeria Torinese plant, former factory of Lancia and Abarth. The step marks a precise strategic decision towards achieving the goal of continuous growth.

“Our ambition,” explains Riccardo Focaccia, President of the Group, “is to become a 360-degree point of reference on the market we’ve operated in since my father Licio moved the business founded by my grandfather to Cervia in the 1960s.”

The acquisition of the historical manufacturing plant of NCT – Nuova Carrozzeria Torinese, founded in 1962 as the main production site for the auto manufacturer Lancia, falls within the strategic plan of growth started by Focaccia in 2022 with the acquisition of the company Mobitecno, and as a result entry into the sector of ambulances and medical vehicles.

“We’ve invested a lot in research and development, creating a dedicated centre inside the company where 30 people work on design,” points out Riccardo Focaccia. “We started with vehicles for local Police, Carabinieri, Financial Police and emergency vehicles, working alongside auto manufacturers and participating in government tenders. We now annually produce about 4,000 conversions, which are distributed around the world.”

The new production unit of Nuova Carrozzeria Torinese has a surface of 20,000 sq. m and will complement Focaccia Group’s plant in Cervia with its approximately 200 employees.

“The acquisition of the Nuova Carrozzeria Torinese plant is one more of the steps we’ve taken since the beginning of our story along a path of constant challenges and drive to improve,” says Focaccia. “It’s in our DNA. Since 1954 we’ve steered a straight course without ever straying from our objective. This is what has allowed us to grow, while standing firm in our principles based on professionalism and innovation, which we interpret as the ability to view things in an alternative way. The result obtained is already exceeded as soon as it is materialised. The lesson inherited from my father,” he concludes, “is that there is no end. Once a goal is achieved, you have to think about the next.”

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