The freedom to stay still while on the go.

Conducting business on the road requires courage, quick reflexes and adaptability. With Focaccia Group Mobile Offices it’s that much simpler.

All equipment and accessories are located in the points you’d expect to find them. As a result, work becomes fast and easy. Elegant styling, attention to detail and versatile design.


The conversion F-Maxi Mobile Office stands out for the 5-6 type-approved seats, three of which are in the office compartment set up with a workstation. A set of accessories makes the compartment efficient and conducive to performing work duties: a large desktop with set of drawers to hold documents and compartments for accessories, Energy Kit with control panel and 12V/230V socket, and a large parcel shelf for storing items.


The Focaccia style is instantly recognisable. Every single element is positioned according to logic and efficiency and designed by master craftsmen. The linear desk, the comfortable workstations, and the console that manages all auxiliary power equipment make it possible to be away from the office with all the conveniences of a real workplace. The rear technical compartment contains all necessary equipment and accessories for the service.


F-Compact is the mobile office designed and developed by Focaccia Group for compact and smaller vehicles. It maintains the versatility needed to perform the range of activities of Local Police. The configuration includes three type-approved seats and a comfortable workstation. The station has a desktop that guarantees the functionality of a real office but in a small space. The technical compartment at the rear, complete with all necessary equipment and accessories for handling road accidents and patrolling, transforms the vehicle into an efficient operating unit.

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