The best solution for working safely

The prisoner transport vehicles outfitted by Focaccia Group are designed to guarantee the highest safety and operational efficiency for officers during the transport of inmates. Our R&S department designs and develops advanced solutions that include the use of modern materials and intelligent equipment to provide officers on duty a sense of comfort and safety.

The prisoner transport conversion is compatible with vehicles of different types and sizes, from cars to vans.


On large vehicles the prisoner transport conversion by Focaccia Group involves the transformation of the passenger compartment to create prisoner modules in automotive thermoformed ABS, shaped by following the profile of the vehicle for carrying inmates. The cells are installed with LED lighting, a PVC non-slip floor that is easy to clean, air conditioning system, passenger safety belt anchored to the vehicle frame and electromechanical timed lock of the handcuffs.


Adaptation of the vehicle interior includes a space that ensures officers protection and safety, with the second row containing seats converted for the transport of inmates. The holding cell features a clear shatter-proof partition, side panels, floor and seats in plastic or fibreglass for easy sanitising.

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