Wheelchair Accessible Toyota Proace Verso


The new Toyota Proace Verso WAV Conversion is provided by the Focaccia Group by equipping it with the innovative Fiorella Wheelchair Lift. Intuitive to use, the Fiorella lift is a perfect balance between design, ergonomics and safety.


Wheelchair Accessible Proace Verso Fiorella Lift Twister

In combination with the Proace Verso features, the Fiorella Wheelchair Lift ensures passengers a relaxing journey in a comfortable travel environment.

Thanks to its compact dimension and its unique design, the Fiorella Wheelchair Lift can be installed on the rear door of the Proace Verso and perfectly integrates with the interior of the vehicle.
Fiorella Slim Fit can also be equipped with the unique F-Twister, the new swivel base that allows the lift to rotate outward by 90° degrees, allowing the caregiver to perform loading and tie-down operations efficiently, with maximum safety and comfort, even from outside of the vehicle. For these features, the Proace Verso equipped with the Fiorella lift is an Easy=Safe solution.


Fiorella: designed with people in mind

Fiorella Wheelchair Lift

Fiorella Wheelchair Lift ABS Cover

LCD Display Fiorella Wheelchair Lift

Standard Remote Control Fiorella Wheelchair Lift

Fiorella F Wired

The Fiorella Wheelchair Lift is the perfect blend of functionality, safety and ergonomics. It’s light, compact and suitable for modern vehicles, setting a new level of aesthetics and comfort for the end user.

All lift functions are able to be controlled with the standard wireless remote control, or, the optional F-Wired remote. The intuitive multilingual LCD interface informs the user when a service is required or a maintenance interval is approaching, both with visual messages and audible reminders.



The new unit installation on the side panel of the vehicle has been design by the Focaccia Group in order to add an higher level of aesthetic, style and functionality to the conversion.

Thanks to the internal Focaccia R&D department, and with the extensive use of 3D scanners and CNC machines, the Focaccia Group is able to produce automotive components with the same degree of accuracy and professionalism of the OEM Car Manufacturer, redefining the look and style of the vehicle.

Fiorella Pump Separation Kit Proace Verso 1

Fiorella Pump Separation Kit Proace Verso 2

some configurations available

Toyota Proace Verso is available in 3 different wheelbase versions and can accomodate up to 2 wheelchair users.


Wav Toyota Proace Verso Compact Wheelbase Seats Layout


Wav Toyota Proace Verso Medium Wheelbase Seats Layout


Wav Toyota Proace Verso Long Wheelbase Seats Layout

Images shown are illustrative and for promotional purposes. Colors, shapes, dimensions and equipment may differ from those indicated in the brochure.


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