• Evo Trunk Organizer Police Cars Conversions

Trunk Organizer

Designed to guarantee workability and agility

The Evo trunk organizer embodies the quintessential Focaccia quality. In a narrow space you find all the essentials for road patrolling, such as a fixed, large thermoformed ABS shelf designed to blend into the vehicle structure, along with a handy pull-out writing desk.
The installation is completed by practical paperwork organizer drawers, positioned under the writing desk. This structure consisting of fixed shelf, writing desk and drawers, can be rotated upwards so as to facilitate the use of the boot. Focaccia installations are conceived to ease the user’s duties and guarantee workability and agility.


Equipments and Functionalities

Pull out Writing Desk Evo Trunk Organizer

Pull-out writing desk

Paperwork Organizer Evo Trunk Organizer

Paperwork organizer chest of drawers

Fold Up Structure Evo Trunk Organizer

Fold-up structure

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