• Prisoners Transport Conversions

Prisoners Transport Conversions

These detention compartments are designed and manufactured to guarantee maximum functionality and officers’ safety during prisoner transport. The thermoformed ABS module structure is shaped to fit the vehicle profile and to form the seating for a passenger in custody.
The cells are fitted with LED lighting, slip-resistant PVC floor, air conditioning circulation system, prisoner seat belt fastened to the vehicle structure and timed electromechanical handcuff restraint system.


Equipments and Functionalities

Prisoner Transport Conversion 1
Prisoners Transport Conversion 2
ABS Prisoner Seats

Tubular steel gate with audible warning device at cell opening

Thermoformed ABS prisoner seat

Prisoner Cell Floor

Prisoner cell floor in hygienic PVC

Prisoner Cell Security Camera

Prisoner cell security camera

Electromechanical handcuff restraint system

Timed electromechanical handcuff restraint system

Video surveillance equipment

Video surveillance equipment and cell dashboard in driver’s cab

Rear Compartment Command Button

Rear compartment command button panel and video monitoring

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