• Police Dog Van

Police Dog Van

The conversion for police K-9 units is designed to transport police force dogs in 2 to 4-cage modules placed in the rear compartment of the vehicle.
The modular cages are fitted with extractable partitions, snap hinges and closures, air exchange and air conditioning intake, washable self-extinguishing floor, LED lighting. The dog compartment is separated through a special grid from the passenger seats, where 3 officers, plus the passengers next to driver, can sit.


Equipments and Functionalities

Police Dog Van 1
Police Dog Van 2
Police Dog Van Operators Seats

Upper cages are equipped with a pull-out slide to facilitate the animals
getting into and out of the vehicle.

Seats for 3 officers
in addition to the ones next to driver

Interior Cage Detail

Floor drainage bushings
for liquids

Cage closing system details

Snap-closing hinges
on cages and partition

Air Vent

Air vent

Temperature Display

Double digital temperature display for cages

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