Fiorella Lift Restyling

The Focaccia Group is proud to introduce the all new Fiorella wheelchair lift restyling!

The Fiorella wheelchair lift F360, is already a symbol of creative engineering with Italian style and is now improving its aesthetic and quality standards. In line with the Focaccia Group’s philosophy, “Ergonomics, aesthetics and accessibility will never go out of style or fashion”. This is the reason the all new Fiorella Wheelchair Lift reaches new standards in enhancing the interior of almost any vehicle.

The Fiorella lift redesign includes new features such as the grey colour intended to sympathetically blend with most interior vehicle trim colours, alongside that, the relocation of the pump handle and redesign of the pump housing itself gives its new look to customer expectations whilst the full length instructional sticker on the lift arm, and the addition of the aluminium notice on the bridge plate provides functional advice to the user; The new anti-slip surface on the lift platform gives the additional feel of safety to the wheelchair user and comfort to the care giver.

The restyling of the Fiorella lift and associated product development gives the lift the improved aesthetics which means it easily integrates into the interior styling of the modern vehicle.