The “all new” Fiorella Lift has impressed the UK and many other countries and around the world

New Fiorella Wheelchair Lift

The Focaccia Group is an Italian, well recognised, market leading company who specialize in the conversion of accessible vehicles, and, also, the production of type approved vehicle kits and additional components for the marketplace worldwide. Alongside our trusted partner, Lewis Reed, the all new Fiorella lift product was displayed in the UK Naidex exhibition for the first time. The excellent reaction to the recent changes to the product by both the public and professional made all the hard work behind the scenes worthwhile.

The new look Fiorella lift has now been seen at exhibitions in several countries around the world and the response has been both positive and exciting for the future. Exhibitions include the following countries, Italy, UK, Australia, Mexico, Spain and France. In addition, the product has been seen in Japan, Taiwan, China, Turkey, The USA, Germany and Dubai and this is just the start!!

With our partners worldwide we have been pleased to expose the new Fiorella Lift alongside other Focaccia Group products such as the Focaccia F-Style 3 Caddy Maxi which is reaching new high standards of quality and finish.
The same philosophy applies to all products across the range and is key to the success of the Focaccia Group around the world.