The "all new" Fiorella Lift at the International Automobile Exhibition

The “all new” Fiorella Lift at the International Automobile Exhibition

The all new Fiorella lift does not stop impressing the world! After exhibitions in Italy, Australia, France and the UK, this time it reaches the Spanish capital, Madrid!

Over 36,000 visitors attended one of the largest exhibitions of its kind in the automotive sector, The “International Automobile Industry Exhibition” where our partner in the local area showed the new Fiorella to the visitors receiving great reviews and comments about the product itself.

The exhibition, staged in Madrid between 22nd to 27th May 2018 was a central meeting point for both the industry professional and the private customer and allowed for the positive exchange of ideas between the two sectors, in addition, the exhibition proved to be a the key factor for the industry distribution strategies in the future.

Manufactured by Focaccia in Italy, the Fiorella lift has proved itself to be the perfect balance between Italian style, functionality, safety and ergonomics. For the “ new look” Fiorella this was the chance to demonstrate the new product features and aesthetics to yet further improve the product for the wheelchair user and carer.

Direct customer comments and reactions are what drives the engineering team, and, allows us to push ourselves to do better and better for our clients. “The infinite loop” ensures we never stop trying to find increasingly innovative solutions to benefit our users in any of the Focaccia product range.

Which destination will be next and what products will we be showing?