Our Volkswagen Caddy F-Style 3 Conversion is developing

VW Caddy F-Style 3 Develop

The Focaccia Group has recently upgraded the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi F-Style 3 conversion with new accessories and technical innovations to offer even more comfort, design and functionality to the wheelchair user and their families.

The new features of the standard equipment relate to a re-designed front flap for the Genius Ramp, and to a revision of the rear bumper in order to make the F-Style 3 lowered floor conversion even more OEM in its design. Furthermore, the Focaccia Group offers to Caddy Maxi users the possibility to choose from a wide range of optional accessories such as High Tech floor surface, L.E.D. interior lighting, metallic chrome handrails for an additional feeling of security and safety along with uprated suspensions springs for an even more comfortable ride for the wheelchair user.

In addition, the F-Style 3 lowered floor conversion sets new standards of aesthetics and quality by maintaining the same design and styling of the original vehicle!

New flap Genius Ramp

Re-designed front flap for the Genius Ramp.

new bumper

Revision of the rear bumper.

metallic handrails

Metallic chrome handrails.

Interni Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Trasporto Disabili
Genius Ramp Volkswagen Caddy Disabili
Genius Ramp Volkswagen Caddy Disabili Dettaglio

The Caddy Maxi F-Style 3 can accomodate a total number of 7 passengers, or, 5 passengers and 1 person in wheelchair. The simple-to-use manual ramp allows easy access to the car for the wheelchair passenger, who travels in a wide and comfortable space.

Thanks to the Genius Ramp system the access ramp can be folded inside the vehicle and to closely resemble the original vehicle floor.
The high-tech floor, integrated LED lights and ABS interior trims make the Caddy Maxi F-Style 3 one of the best wheelchair accessible conversions on the market for both quality and aesthetics.

The Caddy Maxi F-Style 3 has been tested in compliance with Directive 2007/46/EC and Regulation no.14 UN/ECE. It boasts Whole European Type Approval, in order to ensure maximum safety and protection for all passengers.



Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Seat Layout

Usable Internal Height 1455 mm | Access Height 1410 mm | Wheelchair parking area width 845 mm | Wheelchair parking area length (from rear tie-down) 1235 mm | Lowered-floor length 1480 mm | Ramp size 1420 mm x 800 mm



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