• Mission-Vision Focaccia Group


We turn ideas into products to overcome the limitations of the Automobile

Cars that suit the person. Technical and design competence, handcrafted skills and industrial vision are the tools we capitalize on in order to meet people’s needs and guarantee safety and comfort. We feel we can achieve the impossible and we face challenges, always gazing into the future.

For us, “finding a solution” means having a more ambitious project, where product reliability and production costs go hand in hand with the compliance with automotive industry standards and specifications. Making the difference is not only a source of satisfaction for us, but also our company’s goal.
We think differently and our products, always one step forward in technology and design, prove it.

Every product by Focaccia Group is the result of four complementary concepts:

Ergonomics Focaccia Group


The products must suit people’s physical features and help them with their daily duties. Focaccia Group studies ergonomics during the whole design and production process, until beauty and functionality harmonically co-exist.

Safety Focaccia Group


We design our products to meet the people’s needs, being always aware that the very first requirement is living and working in a safe and protected environment. For this reason, our products undergo the strictest quality controls.

Technology Focaccia Group


We love being amazed and offering really new products to the market. We have invested in R&D and equipped our factory with industrial machines that have already allowed us to fulfil some of our most ambitious projects aimed to enhance auto-mobility.

Design Focaccia Group


We are driven by passion for beautiful things and for best-practice quality, from the initial idea to the end-item. Focaccia Group’s style is unique and harmonizes ergonomics and Italian design with the best technology..


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