The New Peugeot Rifter WAV with F-Style conversion:

State-of-the-Art Features and Exclusive Details.

Premium Design

The F-Style conversion is easily recognizable at first glance with features including a Hi-Tech floor, integrated LED lights, automotive ABS interior trims, new single seats covered in fabric to harmonize with the interior finish. These exclusive upgrades are in line with the aesthetics of the original vehicle and make the travel environment refined and pleasant for all passengers.

The new single seats are equipped with Isofix attachment.


Genius Ramp Rifter F style

Space Optimization and Functionality

The restraint storage compartment and the storage compartments are functional and designed for everyday living.

Restraint storage compartment

Genius Ramp Rifter F style

Genius Ramp Rifter F style


The lightweight foldable ramp is extremely easy to open and close, perfect for everyday use.

The Genius ramp system allows the access ramp to be folded inside the vehicle and to closely resemble the original vehicle floor, when the person ina wheelchair is not on board. The Genius Ramp is particularly suitable for anyone who needs to use Rifter F-Style for a multitude of purposes.

Whole Vehicle European-Type Approval

The Peugeot Rifter F-Style has been tested and has obtained Whole Vehicle European-Type Approval.

The F-Style Conversion is also available on the Peugeot Rifter Long Wheelbase.



Genius Ramp Rifter F style


Rifter long wheelbase specs

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