The very first L-shaped Automotive Protection Shield


  • R43-approved (undergoing renewal).
  • In compliance with European visibility and safety standards.
  • It does not hinder functioning of vehicle side-impact airbag.
  • It does not hinder functioning of front airbags.
  • The hard part of the divider does not prevent gear shift or hand brake from functioning.


  • It fits into most citycar, Sedan, station wagon, minivan, S.U.V. models and light commercial vehicles.
  • Fastening to vehicle does not require to pierce the car body or any other structural changes.


  • Made of optical polycarbonate to allow excellent visibility.
  • It allows independent sliding of both front seats.
  • Easily removable to allow total restoration of vehicle.
  • Easy to wash and sanitize.

The very first L-shaped Protection Shield

The Focaccia Group reshape the concept of bulkhead and introduce the very first Automotive L-shaped Protection Shield. This new solution complies with current regulations and boasts a ground-breaking patented vertical fastening system.


It can be installed in just few minutes on most cars and light commercial vehicles, with no interference with airbags, seat belts and car safety systems. It prevents the driver and the passengers from direct contact and can be removed easily, without damaging the interiors of the vehicle. Easy to wash and sanitize. Transparency of Automotive polycarbonate guaranteed by the R43 approval.


The Protection shield can be mounted between front and back seats of any vehicle while maintaining the passengers’ comfort and the driver’s protection.

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The very first L-shaped Automotive Protection Shield

Designed for Taxis, demo vehicles, driving school cars and car hire with driver services

Made of R43-approved Polycarbonate (undergoing renewal)

Easy and fast to install


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