• Wheelchair Accessible Volkswagen Crafter


Extra Large Comfort

Robust and reliable, the Volkswagen Crafter is one of the greatest vehicles of the category particularly suitable for the transport needs of associations or charterers. Crafter can be equipped with Fiorella Lift and can accommodate up to 9 passengers including 3 wheelchair users. 

Fiorella Wheelchair Lift
Volkswagen Crafter Wav F Twister Fiorella Lift
Volkswagen Crafter Wav Interior

FIORELLA SLIM FIT Volkswagen Crafter is particularly suitable for intense use. Tested for 15,000 cycles without maintenance, Fiorella Slim Fit can load up to 360 kg and is available also in the Extended version, with wider platform lift, to raise even big powered wheelchairs.
F-Twister swivel base allows the rotation of Fiorella Lift by 90 degrees. This option makes loading operations easier and facilitates the access to interior spaces for the passengers.

SPACIOUSNESS AND VERSATILITY Volkswagen Crafter can accommodate up to 3 wheelchair users for 4 different seating layouts. Rail mounted sliding removable seats allow to restore easily the basic configuration of 9 seats when no wheelchair is loaded. For these characteristics, Volkswagen Crafter is the ideal solution for the transport of mixed groups of people.



Wheelchair Accessible Volkswagen Crafter Seats Layout

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