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Opel Vivaro

Freely organize your space

Opel Vivaro Wav can be equipped with Fiorella Slim Fit lift and can accomodate up to 3 passengers in wheelchair.
 Compact and intuitive, Fiorella allows a safe and easy access to the vehicle to the person with disabilities. 
Fiorella perfectly integrates with the vehicle interiors and it can be installed on both rear and side door.

Opel Vivaro Wav Original Seats
Opel Vivaro Wav Single Seats
Opel Vivaro Fiorella Lift Side Door
Opel Vivaro Fiorella F Twister

Spaciousness and Flexibility Opel Vivaro can accommodate up to 3 wheelchair users for 5 different seating layouts. The vehicle can be configurated with the original foldable bench or with seats.

Fiorella Slim Fit The new Fiorella Slim Fit Lift is the perfect synthesis of functionality, safety and ergonomics. It can be operated by the Standard Radio Remote or the Integrated Key-Pad, as well as other optional wireless and wired remote controls. Fiorella Lift is intuitive and safe to use thanks to its unique safety devices, such as Weight Sensor, Anti-Crushing and Anti-Tilting system.

F-Twister Swivel Base Allows rotating the Fiorella Lift by 90 degrees. This option makes loading of luggage and goods very easy, and it also represents a quick and efficient emergency exit. Not only! F-Twister also helps the caregiver to carry out wheelchair and occupant tie-down operation from a comfortable position.


Interior trims restyling

Opel Vivaro Interior Trims Restyling
Opel Vivaro Interior Trims Restyling 2

Focaccia Group has designed the new interior trims for Opel Vivaro. The interior trims boast an elegant design, redefining the look and style of the vehicle, in compliance with the highest quality standards defined by European Body Builders.



Opel Vivaro is available in both long and short wheelbase version. It can accommodate up to 3 wheelchair users for 5 different seating layouts

Wheelchair Accessible Opel Vivaro Seats Layout

Images shown are illustrative and for promotional purposes. Colors, shapes, dimensions and equipment may differ from those here indicated.


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