• Wheelchair Accessible Fiat Ducato


Big Size, Big Space

Fiat Ducato can carry on up to 3 wheelchair users: thanks to its spacious dimensions, it is particularly suitable for associations and charterers.
Ducato can be equipped with Slim Fit in Extended version whose larger platform (765mm x 1075 mm)
makes it possible to lift also bulkier wheelchairs and power chairs.

Fiorella Wheelchair Lift
Fiat Ducato Wav With Fiorella Lift
Fiat Ducato Wav Flex Floor

FIORELLA SLIM FIT Fiat Ducato can be fitted with the Fiorella Slim Fit lift F360 in the Extended version, specifically designed for bilkier wheelchairs. Thanks to its large platform, higher borders and ultra-strong Roll-Stop F360EX is perfect to load modern bulky and heavy electric wheelchairs. Tested for 15,000 cycles without maintenance, Fiorella Slim Fit can load up to 360 kg and it is the perfect synthesis of functionality, safety and ergonomics. It can be operated by the Standard Radio Remote or the Integrated Key-Pad, as well as other optional wireless and wired remote controls. Fiorella Lift is intuitive and safe to use thanks to its unique safety devices, such as Weight Sensor, Anti-Crushing and Anti-Tilting system.
Fiorella Slim Fit can also be equipped with Evo-Twister, the new swivel base that allows to rotate the lift by 90°. Compact size, swivel function and ergonomic design, this option makes loading of luggage and goods very easy, and it also represents a quick and efficient emergency exit.

FLEX FLOORFloor with single sliding removable seats mounted on rails. The seats are equipped with a system that allows fast removal and longitudinal sliding, compatible with the original underfloor profiles of the vehicle. These features allow modulating the seating layout according to transport needs.



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