• F-Winch


Your personal helper

F-Winch allows to pull the wheelchair on a slope in a safe and comfortable way.
Lowered floor cars are getting very popular, but ramp slope can be steep, so the loading operation can be not as easy as it seems.
F-Winch does the Job on your behalf and it does it gently and safely.

F Winch Tie Down
F Winch Loading

Just connect the karabiners to wheelchair frame and adjust loading speed using Standard Wired Remote Control.


Universal Winches - Suitable for any vehicles

F Winch Rear Motor

Rear Motor

F Winch Front Motor

Front Motor

F Winch Colored Version

Colored Covers


Bespoke Winches - Fit specific vehicles

F-Winch is available in different shapes/sizes to fit every vehicle.
It is nicely integrated within your car and it’s designed to provide maximum confidence and safety to all passengers.

F Winch for Fiat Doblo

Fiat Doblò / Opel Combo

F Winch for Reanult Kangoo

Renault Kangoo / Mercedes Citan

F Winch for Peugeot Partner

Peugeot Partner / Citroën Berlingo

F Wired
standard winch belt

F-Winch can be activated with a Standard Wired Remote Control with continuous speed control and self-return system of the scroll wheel in the neutral position. Our certified system allows adjusting the loading and acceleration speed while providing an unmatched level of comfort and safety. In this version, the F-Winch requires a wheelchair tie-down belt in standard version.

F Remote
Long Winch Belt

Thanks to our exclusive control system software, the soft-start system is also available with an optional Wireless Radio Remote Control. In addition, extra buttons can be programmed to perform other operations such as door opening. A wheelchair tie-down belt in extended version is also available.