In Focaccia Group, we are passionate about designing accessories and aids that help people to move more freely, in total comfort and safety, such as



Your personal helper

F-Winch tows the wheelchair onto the access ramp, gently and safely.

Vehicles with lowered-floor are becoming increasingly popular, but sometimes the slope of ramps can be so high to make the entrance of the wheelchair into the car not as easy as it looks.

F-Winch handles towing operations in your place safely and comfortably.

F Winch Colored
F Winch Doblo

F-Winch can be activated with a Standard Wired Remote Control with continuous speed control and self-return system of the scroll wheel in the neutral position.
Soft Start'n'Stop technology ensures a powerful and smooth loading even when you are in a hurry! Thanks to our patented system, you can use the control wire to adjust acceleration and speed of the Winch according to your mood!

The soft-start system is also available with an optional Wireless Radio Remote Control.
F-Winch is available in different sizes and shapes in order to adapt to different vehicles, it perfectly integrates with the interior of the vehicle and is designed to ensure all passengers the highest degree of safety and comfort.



Tip-Up Plate

Turbo Slide is the innovative transfer-plate designed to help people with reduced mobility getting in and out of the vehicle.

Very easy to use and nicely integrated with the vehicle’s interior, Turbo Slide can be fitted on a wide range of vehicles and can be installed on both passenger side and driver side.

TURBO SLIDE was designed to offer maximum help to users as well as ease of installation on both new and second-hand vehicles.


3 Simple Steps

Turbo Slide Position 1

1) Stand-by position - off duty

Turbo Slide Position 2

2) Stand-by position - on duty

Turbo Slide Position 3

3) Operation position