Unique in its class

Focaccia Group has designed and developed the EXPRESS PICK UP

Intended for companies and professionals who need a versatile and economic vehicle, the Pick-up is the ideal partner for daily work and activitie

It’s also great for city use when having to drive around town with the convenience of a cargo bed.

With great handling and comfort, the Pick Up Express with Focaccia Group outfitting will also assist you in your outdoor hobbies and leisure activities.

A Cargo bed length 1645 mm
BCargo bed width 1240 mm
C Width to 1240 mm
DHeight of sides 540 mm
E Loading height 610 mm
F Height of sides from ground 1190 mm

Cargo bed load 400 kg
Side load 350 kg


Choosing a new car is always an important decision and the financial aspect is decisive
Pick Up Express is the most economical vehicle in its class and combines the reliability of Renault with Focaccia technology to guarantee high design standards in a practical and dynamic vehicle.


Always up to the task. You’ll soon learn to appreciate the qualities of your Pick Up Express by Focaccia Group: it’s a reliable partner that will be at your side for a long time.


Besides its loading capacity, the Pick Up Express by Focaccia Group stands out for its versatility. A professional that welcomes daily challenges, this vehicle will represent your business without disdaining hard work. Its particular strong point is that it combines the loading capacity of a cargo bed with the easy handling of a utility vehicle.

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